Our Process  

Our Process


The FAGAN INSPECTION PROCESS consists of 7 operations. Naturally, it is formally defined. Its objectives are to: Find all the defects in the work product that is examined, and Find all the Systemic Defects in the process that created defects in the work product.

Inspections are performed on requirements, design (software and hardware), code, test plans and cases, project plans, quotes and proposals.

CONTINUOUS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT involves removing Systemic Defects from the work process as they are found by inspections or other operations in the life cycle. Successive iterations reduce the number of injected defects and increase the percentage of detection of those that are injected. Systemic defects are the most costly forms of defects to an organization. Removal of these is critical to reducing costs and shortening the development life cycle.

The Fagan Defect-Free Process is the only complete method that includes the necessary infrastructure to establish and maintain a defect-free process!

It is composed of three interdependent components:

  1. Formal Process Definition
  2. Fagan Inspection Process
  3. Continuous Process Improvement

FORMAL PROCESS DEFINITION is a method of defining the work process in terms that make it measurable and manageable by its users.

The goal of this component is to reduce the number of defects injected in the first place. It also channels the developer's activity more effectively, enabling them to create their work products with less effort.

Your development processes already in place do not have to change - they are just made crisper and clearer through this process to ensure defect-free flow from marketing and requirements through development through to customer use.

The whole organization is involved in the development process which helps to focus efforts and reduce rework. Without our method of formal process definition in place, implementing inspections on their own are often doomed to less effective inspections (or failure) over the long term due to time pressure, neglect and lack of understanding.

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