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Michael FaganMichael Fagan is founder and CEO of Michael Fagan Associates and the creator of Fagan Inspections and the Fagan Defect-Free Process™.

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As a product development manager at IBM, Michael created the Fagan Inspection Process for use on his own projects. Over the years, this has been enhanced and expanded into the the Fagan Defect-Free Process™, incorporating Formal Process Definition, and reinforcing the Continuous Process Improvement aspect of the Inspection Process.

Using the inspection method, he was also able to use its metrics to monitor projects and keep them on track. The methodology developed by Michael Fagan is credited with dramatically reducing the number of defects in software and hardware products, increasing the feature content per release, shortening cycle time, increasing customer satisfaction, improving development processes, accelerating SEI/CMM maturity in organizations, and significantly reducing costs.

Michael Fagan has 20 years of experience at IBM as a line manager of software development, engineering development, and manufacturing. In addition, he was: manager of programming methodology for IBM's DP Product Group (Worldwide); the first software senior technical staff member in IBM's T.J. Watson Research Laboratory; a member of the Corporate Technology Staff; and one of the founder members of the IBM Quality Institute.

IBM awarded Michael Fagan the largest individual Corporate Achievement Award for creating the Fagan Inspection and promoting its implementation in IBM's laboratories around the world and in industry.

Based upon his research and development of methods that shorten cycle time, reduce cost, and improve quality, he has established an international reputation. Due to these accomplishments, he has been an invited speaker at many national and international conferences on software engineering and management.

Previously, Michael Fagan was a Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science and a member of the Graduate Council of the University of Maryland.

Our Associates have used the same principles they teach in their own work experience as software and/or hardware engineers and middle to upper level managers of development organizations. They handle both technical and management issues as they arise in the class and have also been specially trained by Michael Fagan to teach the Fagan Defect-Free Process.

Michael Fagan Associates was formed in 1989 to teach others how to use this method successfully. We continue to refine our methodology and maximize its efficiency.

Our training course is capable of introducing a rapid and lasting implementation in all types of organizations, producing impressive results in the product or release on which they were working starting the day after training was completed.

Client products include systems programs, applications, data base programs, applications, hardware designs, systems and applications requirements and object oriented tools.

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